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Our students love Magnolia Public Schools, because we give them all of the tools and resources they need to succeed in their academic careers. Our students fully recognize how much care and efforts our teachers put into each student. Whether it is math, science, engineering, robotics, or arts, Magnolia Public Charter High Schools are here to help


STEM vs STEAM Education

Science Technology Engineering and Math, otherwise called as STEM has become one of the most prominent focal points in modern world charter schools. However, some individuals are proposing to add arts and make it STEAM. These proposals have given life to quite some debate and controversy. Let’s have a look at these two and then decide which is better.


At the beginning of 21st Century, employers had to go through a lot of issues when looking for potential employees who had the talent and skill to survive in the competitive industry. As a result, the public and private sector got together and decided to make some changes in the education system. In fact, students needed to have the ability to solve challenging problems using their mathematical and science knowledge when they enter the industry. This gave life to STEM and it quickly became popular within a short period of time. In fact, students who go through STEM education got the opportunity to gain a variety of skills such as innovation, communication, and critical thinking. Moreover, STEM education was able to deliver collaborative, innovative, student-centered and engaging students. In fact, these students had the ability to use science and math in order to develop new technologies and apply them to real-world problems and look for solutions.


When it comes to STEAM education, the Science and Technology education is interpreted through Arts and Engineering. The concept of adding arts into STEM delivers a lot of momentum. In fact, arts represent a variety of areas such as physical arts, social studies, language arts, liberal arts, music and fine arts. It is all about discovering how natural arts would fit into STEM subjects. This will help the students with born artistic talents to get the best use out of their innovative ideas.

Which is Better?

Now you have a clear understanding about STEM and STEAM, so let’s come to the important topic. Which is better, STEM or STEAM? This has been quite a debate throughout the past couple of months. The STEM supporters say that there should be a clear separation between sciences and arts. They say that the integration of arts would take away the core focus of STEM. The United States is a country that lacks essential skills, which are important to compete with other developing nations. The STEM supporters say that introduction of arts could make the country less competitive.

There isn’t a clear picture of STEAM education until now. That’s because it is something new and people are not aware of its practical nature. In other words, the students should possess the skills to solve the problems of tomorrow.  It is important for the modern world students to acquire tomorrow’s skills and STEM is not sufficient enough to do it. With the introduction of STEAM education, students will be able to get rid of the pressure of becoming engineers or scientists. Instead, they can select different career paths such as becoming a designer, art director, coder or digital artist. Therefore, STEAM should also be implemented and measured to see how well students perform over time.

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